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[IP] Soft Serter Problem

Hi all,

I have only had one problem with my soft serter.  It was caused from the
adhesive on the soft set.  I had gotten a batch of soft sets that had the
adhesive strip going sideways instead of right under the wings of the soft
set.  When I inserted the soft set into the soft serter it seemed ok.  But,
when I actually inserted it, it got crimped because the pressure squished the
adhesive strip under the cannula.  What I did to solve this problem was cut
off all of the adhesive strips from that box of soft sets.      

                                          ^  - adhesive strip
                                      [   0   ]  - wing of soft set.

When I typed this message I realized that it may be confusing to understand.
 So, I tried to put in a diagram.  Hope it helps.