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[IP] Blatant solicitation for stories!!

Please Please Please,  You new members who have kids that PUMP!!! Please 
take a look at the website under "Kids that PUMP INSULIN".

I need more stories and some pictures to help spread the gospel about 
Insulin-Pumping for kids.

Your experience could help some other poor kid whose life would improve 
drastically with an insulin pump. I STRONGLY encourage you to take the 
time to send me a cronicle of your experience with your child and the 
difference the PUMP has made in his/her life.  I know there are several 
of you with kids who started pumping VERY young. This is of considerable 
interest to other parents of diabetic youngsters.  Please also indicate 
if you are willing to offer support and/or correspond with prospective 
young pumper parents.  I would 'really' like some nice smiley pumpin' kid 
pictures also.  Contact me directly off the list to dicuss if you wish. 
Either by e-mail or by telephone.

days 650 494-1176
email email @ redacted