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[IP] Crystallization - What to look for?


I have noticed references in the past to "Crystallization" of insulin,
specifically relating to infusion sets. Can someone explain what to look
for, and how this problem typically manifests itself?

I don't think I have ever experienced this, but I have noticed that my
tubing sometimes gets a bit "clouded", usually towards the end of the
second day, approaching the third day (I use Humalog with my Disetronic). I
currently use Comfort infusion sets, changing the cannula every two days. I
try to use the tubing portion of the set for a total of 4 days - my mileage
typically varies, though, and I sometimes change earlier.

Any accurate descriptions of what to look for, other than the "standard"
"Oh, you know, it looks just like crystals" ;-) is appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted