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Re: [IP] bump at site


Yes, I occasionally get a small red bump at the insertion site.  I just apply
a little antibiotic ointment and it goes away by the next day.  

And Hi to Everyone Else too!---  

I just had my Endo appt yesterday and with a A1c of 6.4 (down from the
pre-humalog A1c of 8.1 a year ago) he said the management of my diabetes so
far willl most likely prevent me from getting any retenopathy, neuropathy or
kidney disease.  However, my lipids were slightly above normal.  He said that
if I were a normal person he would ignore it.  However, as a diabetic I need
to be PERFECT to protect the large vessels to the heart and brain etc.  from
a high risk of stroke.   SOOoo, my next bloodwork will determine if I ned to
try a serious cholesterol diet or meds.  

So I guess the appt was a good news/bad news day.  Except that it got me
going on my diet to lose the 10 lbs. I gained this year.  I hate dieting---I
already have to change my basal rates to compensate for the very low amounts
of fat I am eating.  Back to the drawing board!!