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Re: [IP] Re:

Michael wrote:
> > I tried to get to the website and a sign came up saying: "the URL could not
> > be opened because it specified a service which isn't supported in AOL
> > internet". could this be because I still have AOL v2.7?
> ................................................^^^^^^^^??
> That's a new one on me.  I would contact AOL tech support and ask them to
> help.  The have an e-mail address on their main web page.  Give them my
> e-mail address to contact with questions about the site.  As far as I
> know, Insulin-Pumpers is a very 'vanilla' site with respect to
> web-browsers.  What web-browser are you using??
> If you are on a pc, you can download the microsoft web-browser for free.
> It's pretty good, just go the the www.microsoft.com and browse around.
> It should install and operate fine.
>  >
> > Was at our local Pump support meeting today and the CDE put me down for 11/11
> > for pump insertion, my 36th wedding anniversery. What a gift!!!!  Hopefully,
> > pump will have arrived by then. I ordered it about 3 wks. ago.
> >
> > Sissy
> >
>>>Michael ...I am getting your mail is that the eway this is suppose to work???