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Re: [IP] Possible Sof-Serter Problem

email @ redacted wrote:
> I love my Soft-Serter and I have not found any problems with it coming out or
> being loose. I got the 24" tubing last time so I have walked away from it and
> it has dangled many times now with no problem. Like Carolyn said, you will
> have less chance of infection and less trauma at the site using it. For me
> the benefit is simple, it doesn't hurt!! I am a sissy(No pun intended to you
> Harriet) and I do not like pain.
> Glenn--I fly out Thursday afternoon and I'm still scared as always. Thanks
> for the tips for flying with Chelsea. I'm sure she would appreciate it too.
> Karla
s for writing back Karla I think it was a fluke thing The dog pushed me
as I was inserting and that is probably all that happened..I still like
the tenders i think they are neater...Maybe ai need more practise
putting them on