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Kathi Hull < email @ redacted >
Hi, I've had IDDM for 30 years.  It took 9 mos. to get my pump approved thru insurance, but persistance & a good Dr. paid off. I have been on the Minimed 507 for 4 mos now & LOVE IT. I take Humalog and seem at this time to average about 27-30 units a day. I check my sugars 4-8 times a day so far. I like the control with the pump and with the Humalog (was on it before) for adjusting sugars quickly. I still don't think that I have the basel rates set.  I recently got "Pumping Insulin" which looks like it will guide me some on my basels (w/DR approval of course).
I don't seem to have any major diabetic complications [which pleases me:-)].  I hope to keep it this way.
I am married &  have three children, 2 boys & 1 girl, ages 15, 13, 12. 
I presently live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 5yrs. (Roll TIde).  But have lived 6 years near Toronto & 11 years near Chicago.
I am very excited about being on the pump & want to learn, share, & get support from others doing the same thing.