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Re: [IP] Re:Good afternoon (EDT) ... ?

> Hi Michael...
>      I just wanted to let you know how it's going. It is now 1 PM . Today , I
> woke with a BS 76 at 6:15 . I has my usual 81 carbs. and bolused 3.7 in two
> parts. 1.2/u with meal, and a 2.5/u. in a square bolus over 4 hours., I went
> to work. 7:40 my BS was 345 . 8:45 BS was 429 and I disabled the square bolus
> and a pumped 10.6/u to bring me down to  110. I used 30/1/u as always. 9:40
> my BS was 222 .. 10:50  I was 40 I  covered that with a coke 39
> grms. waited a few minutes and went home. 12 noon I was 42 and had 41 carbs .
> I ate a lunch of 63 carbs and right now 1:40 and my BS is 112 and I'm having
> a beer .7 grms. that was figured in with my lunch time bolus. Last bolus was
> at12;40 .My activeties today have been pretty routine. This afternoon ?? I'll
> let you know. 
I would assume that an adult with type 1 would require 6 to 9 units of 
insulin for 80+ grams of carbo.  Your bolus of 3 units would by my 
calculation be low by at least 5 or 6 units.  But that's the point of 
measuring all these things.  Beyond check what basal rates should be, it 
is necessary to measure insulin to blood sugar sensitivity and carbo to 
bloodsugar ratio.  The latter two can not be done very well until the 
basal rate is stable.  From the data above, my guess (and that is all it 
is) would be that your initial 1/3 bolus should have been ~2.5 units with 
a 3 1/2 hr temp rate of 1.4 u/hr + you underlying basal rate (.6 or .8 
I'm not sure if the 507 automatically adds the basal or not, somebody 
tell me.

An additional guess is that the 30/1 ratio is because the meal insulin is 
compressed into to short a time, then your morning basal is to high to 
compensate for the lack of a spread meal bolus.  We'll find out when we 
test the basals.  Does this all make sense in a sentence?, it's sort of 
stream of consciousness.