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[IP] Re:Good afternoon (EDT) ... ?

Hi Michael...
     I just wanted to let you know how it's going. It is now 1 PM . Today , I
woke with a BS 76 at 6:15 . I has my usual 81 carbs. and bolused 3.7 in two
parts. 1.2/u with meal, and a 2.5/u. in a square bolus over 4 hours., I went
to work. 7:40 my BS was 345 . 8:45 BS was 429 and I disabled the square bolus
and a pumped 10.6/u to bring me down to  110. I used 30/1/u as always. 9:40
my BS was 222 .. 10:50  I was 40 I  covered that with a coke 39
grms. waited a few minutes and went home. 12 noon I was 42 and had 41 carbs .
I ate a lunch of 63 carbs and right now 1:40 and my BS is 112 and I'm having
a beer .7 grms. that was figured in with my lunch time bolus. Last bolus was
at12;40 .My activeties today have been pretty routine. This afternoon ?? I'll
let you know.