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Re: [IP] Diabetic donors -Reply

Hello All,

I had a up close and personal experience with the Red Cross regarding
donating a couple of weeks ago.  I wanted to donate platelets and was told I
couldn't because I wear a pump.  I spoke with my CDE regarding this a couple
of days ago.  She told me she would check into it and get back to me.  Well
she did.  The answer she got out of them was that when we are using a pump we
are at a higher risk of infection because of the needle that stays in place.
 We may not be aware of an infection that is just beginning but it could be
in our system and then the blood would be passes on to someone else.  I am
still going to follow up some more with my endocrinologist in early November.
 Maybe some of you know something more that I don't.

Take Care,