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[IP] RE: occlusions at low rates

> Has anyone experienced occlusions due to low basal rates?  A friend of mine is 
> on a .2 basal rate and even that is too much for her at times.  Is it helpful 
> to use 24" tubing?  Thanks for your input.  Beth, I also have shoulder pain 
> and loss of range of motion for one arm.  My endo has recommended that I see a 
> specialist, after getting my shoulder x-rayed.  I know Roz has gotten help 
> with her shoulder.  Susan
Shouldn't be a problem.  Lily ran a basal of ZERO for 4-5 hours a day 
during the first 6 months or so of her 'honeymoon'  she used a 42" bent 
needle at the time with a 506 and never had a problem.  Oh, by the way, 
the rest of her basal was 0.1 to 0.3 so the only good flow she ever had 
was for meal boluses.