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Re: [IP] insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #2

> I received the above cited volume the other day and it came in as a download
> because it was too long to be viewed by aol.  Problem is, I can't open the
> file once I downloaded it.  Can anyone help me?

Oh, now I know what Beth is talking about.  The 'download' is 3 volumes 
of digest created by majordomo.  They should be in text format, just tell 
your word processor program to open them as 'ascii-text'  If that doesn't 
work then view the with your web browser either as files or on the 
website.  The can be downloaded or copied/saved using your browser or 
from the mail server.

If someone will tell me what the maximum size document is that AOL 
accepts, I will make sure that future volumes do not exceed the limit.