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[IP] Basals

Greetings friends,
I'm still aloive, have just been busy with end of the year at work, as well
as other things.  I have started a serious,comprehensive weight management
program that I am excited about and ready for.  That's the key!!  So, I have
been spending a lot of time checking sugars and basal rates myself.
Ted, Michael is right.  When testing basals, I even check hourly for blood
sugars.  While trying to stabilize things, try to not during the day, so that
you have just one bolus every 5-6 hours.  The extra boluses make it more
complicated to see patterns.  I also adjust bolus based on pre-meal BS.  My
doctor gave me the formula to use to figure amount of bolus adjustment

                           (BS - 110)/35 = adjustment needed to add or
subtract to carb bolus

You might try that for adjustments.  It seems to work fairly well.

Well, I need to get to work.