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Re: [IP] basal rate study

   I'll try to give you all the info you requested however in doing so you
will see that I've been playing "catch up" to get the BS readings I get. The
Doctor told me that the pump should do all that work,and I should only bolus
for meals. I agree. 
   When my meter is downloaded and I see the line graph for "standard day" my
line is flatest between 6am and 5pm. (keep in mind I bolus any time I have a
reading above 125 as well as supplement a meal time bolus with additional
insulin to bring my sugars down. I use a target of 110 but most often over
shoot it and end up below 100 . Sometimes well below and eat a few carbs to
bring me back to a "safer" level.
I guessLcan't really say when I'm most stable because I've been doing this
for quite a while and every day. The most routine part of my day is when I'm
working and it is at those times I feel that I'm usually in pretty good
  My insulin to carb ratio at breakfast and lunch are the same (22:1) and
because that works for two meals I would say that was the most stable ratio ,
the 12:1 ratio at dinner time only works predictably around 4pm - 7pm and I
use 14:1 after 9pm for any snacks. Again... I don't know. As far as my
insulin to BS ratio I always use 1 unit of insulin to cover 30 points in my
blood sugar. I know this is not accurate but it is a figure I can work with
and still feel safe. Using the 1500 rule,  I'm way off.
   I understand what your saying about having glucose tabs handy for lows at
night but I'm not at that point yet. I'll have 3am readings for you when I do
the trial run.and other info that you've requested. Most generally I am in
bed by mid-nite.
   I'm puzzled why you think my settings are different than what I posted.
They are as follows:  mid-nite - 3am = .2
             3am - 8am      = .6
              8am - 1pm     = .8
              1pm - 5pm     = .3
               5pm - 9pm    = .8
             9pm - mid-nite = .2
   The blood sugars for 9/28 were as follows:       9:15am     97

                                          bottomed out here... 6:45pm    47


                                 9/29 as follows:                6:50am
                                        can't explain high      11:25am
   291    ???



                                  9/30 as follows:                7am

                                  can't explain high               5pm
         375  ???


fasting since 11pm last eve. 10/01 as follows:        6am         82

                        poor estimate  (enchiladas)           5pm        220
                                           Now.......                 12:10am

   These numbers and dates are the last 3 days . Like I said I've been
playing "catch up"   The day that I bottomed out at 47 was one of those days
where I was a little more agressive than I should have been. Usually I don't
present any symptoms of low sugars until I'm in the low 30's . At least any I
notice, my wife caught that one and I was already in trouble ( beyond self
help). I'm sorry this info is such a scrambled mess , but it is typical of my
life on the pump for the last several months (at least 6 months or more). I
know some of my bolus doses are in error because of poor estimating of carbs.
A real mystery is that every morning I eat exactly the same breakfast of
 81grams and my noon sugars vary so much ???  Breakfast is 1 shredded wheat
w/ milk, cranberry juice and 1 toast ,and black tea. A total of 81 grams and
it seems like a "crap shoot" trying to nail down a decent noon BS.
    I count carbs and use a calculator to work out my doses and if needed I
ad a little or take a little to adjust for the current pre meal BS. A
"little" is no more or less than .2 or .3 units of insulin. For example if I
was to eat breakfast (81grms)  and my morning sugar was 65, I would calculate
the bolus at 81/22=3.68 (3.7) being Lo I would arbitrarly (sp?) bolus 3.4.
Surprisingly enough my a1c's have been very good, the last two were 5.8 & 5.2
respectively. and I still love the pump ! Please ask for more details if you
think it will help you (me) and I'll understand if you don't undersand, it's
a puzzle to me too .
     I've got to get up at 5:30am tomorrow and change my set so I'm going to
bed now it's getting late here in Erie (about 12:40am)      Good-night and
thank you...Ted