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[IP] basal rate study

Ted <ZAXDADDY.aol.com>

Please try to answer these questions the best you can.  From the info 
we can probably get a better trial basal rate setting.

What is your best estimate of stable insulin to carbo ratio
and insulin to bg ratio. We will test this later when you are closer 
to stable.

i.e. how far does 1 unit of insulin move your blood sugar
and how much carbo for each unit of insulin.

Second please have plenty of  glucose tablets on hand, if your basal 
insulin rate is way off, you can still get useful data if you use 
glucose only -- as long as you don't fall more than 100 points or so.
The data is not real accurate, but it can be used to move your basal 
settings closer to the correct values

What were your blood sugars at 3am and how much carbo did it take to 
pull you back up to a reasonable level??  What was the ending bg when 
you recovered. And what time was it?

It is best to get your basal rates stabalized for nite time first so 
eat a late lunch or early dinner ie 4-5 pm and fast from there til 
morning if you make it that far.
What time do you usually retire??

When you get the data to me I will reccommend a basal setting.  I 
gather that your settings are different than those in your last post.
Please return you EXACT settings and bg's for the previous day on 
those settings.

Once new basal rates are determined, let's do the following
I am assuming Humalog for the moment.  Try to make your pre-fast meal 
something vanilla (no mac+cheese or pizza and no 'big' steak 'cause 
lots of protein messes up your long term bg's)  Eat a last meal at 
4-5 pm, test at 8pm, your bg's should be between 80 and 150.  Correct 
with a bolus or glucose for a target of 100.  Test and record bg at 
10am, goodnite, wake at 12, 2, 4, 6, 8 (sorry about that) and record 
bg.  When you are stable we will repeat at 3 - 4 hr intervals 
followed the next nite by 3 - 4 hr intervals staggered 2 hours from 
the previous nite.  It is best if you can arrange NOT to get up so 
that you can quickly fall asleep again.  Have your partner wake you  
and try not to really wake up, just test and crash (pardon the pun). 
Correct with glucose if below 80.  If you fall below 50-60 , stop the 
test and get something to eat, we'll adjust basals and try again. If 
you rise above 150, stop the test and bolus down.  we'll adjust and 
try again.

Let me know the data from the other day and your most recent bg's.  
Please advise if any variations are due to food intake mistakes and 
your best guess as to the magnitude of the error.

Remember, I an engineer/computer scientest not a doc.  Any 
thoughts are given for your consideration and discussion with your 
'health care team' .


Michael <email @ redacted>