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[IP] re I'm lost

I will get back to you on your basal rate in a couple of hours, I'm 
busy right now. 

Do you have someone who can wake you every two or three hours for the 
nite time check??

The checking should be done in fasting steps that are a little 
shorter than what you are doing.  You always start with some portion 
of your day that is reasonably stable and work from there.  Pick a 
time.  It will probably take the better part of a week -- in stages 
to do the basal settings correctly.  I'd be happy to work with you on 
the settings an test program.  And make a non-medical (I'm a techi) 
but reasonably scientific reccomendation that you can (ahem) check 
out with your "health care professional"

Look for another message in a few hours after I analyze the data you 


Michael <email @ redacted>