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[IP] >>Help I'm Lost...

Hi All...
    I had fasted last night from 11PM to 11:30 Am this morning. Not thinking
I would try to change anything, I didn't bother to check a mid-nite , or 3AM
blood sugar. This morning I woke up at 6Am and checked out at a BS of 82,
Good start I thought... at 8Am I was 165 at 10Am I was at 184 and right
before eating lunch at 11:30 I was 150. I know I need a change but I am not
sure that I have enough info because I didn't know where I was at mid-nite
and at 3Am. My current basals are as follows: mid-nite - 3am = .2     3am -
8am =.6    8am - 1pm =.8    1pm - 5pm=.3     5pm - 9pm =.8     9pm - midnite
= .2    The changes I need to make I feel are in the morning basals , but I'm
not sure if I should increas some or eliminate some or "fit in" one more.
This fast was in excess of 12 hours and I would think there would be some
value to these numbers but truthfully I don't know what to do. My doctors
idea was to set 1 rate at .6 and make changes from there. Those numbers are
from the book and I had done that when I first got started on the pump. I
really got low at the 3am mark and went into shock twice before we got that
one worked out. I don't care to do that again if I don't have to. I just hate
it , "coming to" with Coke , Pepsi, or jelly all over my night clothes ! Any
suggestions ? (and don't say gluco-jel).
Bye ...I'll be watching my mail.     Ted

Michael <email @ redacted>