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[IP] New pump arrived

It is really hard to believe, but my new MM 507 arrived yesterday.
Total elapsed time was about 2 weeks from having my doctor write the
prescription, having the HMO approve it and send it to Apria, have Apria
understand it and send it to MiniMed, and have MM send it direct to me.
I think part of what got it to move so quickly was that I was on the
phone alot.  I talked to the HMO a couple of times and to Apria about 4
times.  I think if I hadn't, they wouldn't have gotten the order right.
I even got it in the color I wanted, black.  The HMO didn't know it came
in more than one color until I told them, or I would have gotten gray.
Apria thought the reference to black was an attempt to get another case,
which they were going to need a separate order for, but I explained it
to them.

I switched to it this morning and so far so good.  I watched the video
tape that they sent and found it to be quite helpful in getting started
and knowing how to program the various features.  If I was new to
pumping it might not have been enough info, but as an experienced hand,
it was good.

Now I have my black pump on one side and my black beeper on the other.
Someone asked about this, and I would feel really geeky if they were
next to each other, but having them on opposite sides I think makes it
less noticeable.  Also, I tend to keep the pump in my pocket, so it is
less noticeable.  However, when I pull it out, I can conceal the tubing
with my arm, and then it really does look just like I am checking my
pages, which everyone where I work does.

- - Jodi

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Jodi Muirhead                                    email @ redacted
Sr. Systems Consultant                         (408) 486-1742
Edify Corporation