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[IP] Hello everyone!

Hi All,

This is my test message to make sure I am up and going.  I have been real
busy and unable to write.  So, I am just getting to it.  I have been
retrieving all of my messages.  I am glad things are back to normal.

Michael - The web page looks great!  I went there yesterday to see how your
were coming along from the last time.  It looks wonderful!  This is great for
pumpers to be able to have all of this at one place.  Thank you so much for
doing this.  Your children are very lucky to have such a great dad!  I
thought that my father was the best in the world until I see what you do for
your children.  I wish there were more people like you out there.

The wheather is getting cooler here in PA.  Now is when I start to get REAL
jealous of Glenn and the others in California.  I hate the cold.  The change
of the seasons are very pretty to see here but, I don't like the chill.  I am
going to put out my halloween decorations today.  I know, I am late!  But,
better late then never!!!  Speaking of Halloween, did all of you see the
movie Toy Story?  I recently asked my 3 1/2 year old son what he wanted to be
for halloween.  He responded that he wants to be the boy from Toy Story with
the red hair?????  I personally didn't know who he could mean?  It took me
all day to figure out he wanted to be that rotten boy next door!!!  I think
my chiild has been watching too many bad things on TV!  I think I am in

Oh well, enough yaking!  Hope this works!!!

Bye for now.