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[IPn] a few things to be thankful for...

Hello Pumpers and Friends,

As Thanksgiving Day approaches I'd like to let everyone know what we 
at Insulin Pumpers are thankful for. First, your support for without 
it none of this would be possible.  


(Let me know why you are thankful for IP and I'll share it with the  
forum instead of one of my boring pledge messages ;-)  

IP's mission is to bring the knowledge about solutions to everyday 
diabetes management problems and modern technology to "people with 
diabetes, their families, health car professionals and the public". 
To do that IP must reach the largest possible audience. This is a 
daunting task, but I believe that IP has made a large and positive 
difference in peoples lives since its inception. There are just a few

1) the number of kids on the KIDS list has gone from ZERO just 15 
years ago to over several thousand. When IP began, it was almost 
impossible to put a child on the pump. That list of kids alone, shown
to reluctant endos, has swung the decision in favor of the pump for a
large number of children.   

2) When IP began, there were only about 50,000 pumper in the United 
States around 100,000 world wide. Today there are close to half a 
million pumpers in the United States alone with hundred's of 
thousands more worldwide. In part due to the educational effort of IP
and the general membership of this site "spreading the word".    

3) The membership of IP has grown from a dozen or so folks to over 
thousands of ACTIVE participants in our world wide forums with unique
IP groups in Canada, the UK, New Zealand & Australia, and Europe as 
well as the US. Members are from almost every country in the world 
and every continent. Along the way, IP has served 10's of thousands 
of families and individuals. I've received inquiries from Ethiopia, 
Malaysia and India and referred these people to pump resources close 
to them. I received a nice note (along with a donation) from a US 
member traveling in Brazil who needed supplies and was able to hook 
up with an IP member there.    

All of this is possible because of the support YOU provide to keep 
this organization going. It is far more than a "web site" or a "mail 
list". What makes IP great is the people who belong to the forums, 
the volunteers that work behind the scenes to make things happen and 
the knowledge and know-how that we are able to provide EVERY MEMBER 
and NEWCOMER.    

Your support is vital to continuing this mission. 

If you have not made a contribution because you think it's not 
needed, think again. 

If you have not made a contribution because you think someone else or
some "big" company will step up to the plate, think again.

If you think IP's not worth it to you, think again. Why do you keep
coming back?

Pledge drives will continue because they must. There is no other way 
that I've found to pay the bills for Insulin Pumpers. We CAN make 
pledge drives shorter if more people will give a little. I've never 
asked you to give much and I'm sure most of you can afford $5, $10, 
$20 bucks a YEAR. Most magazine subscriptions are that much, there 
are many more examples that I won't bore you with.    

If you think the work IP does is important then help out with a few 
bucks. If you get something from IP, give something back, that's all 
I ask.   

To encourage you to make the right choice, FLORIDA will match your 
donations DOLLAR for DOLLAR with the remaining bucks on her generous 
$500 challenge. Can you give $10, or $20, or $50 to help match this 

To accept FLORIDA's challenge, or to become a SUSTAINING donor for 
Insulin Pumpers, visit:  



...or mail your pledge to:

	Insulin Pumpers
	558 Valley Way
	Milpitas, CA 95035

My best regards
Michael Robinton
Executive Director
For mail list removal write
website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org