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Re: [IP] 45th Dianniversary

Yes, I recall overhearing a (jacka$$) doctor telling my mother that I would
e lucky to survive until adulthood, that if I did, I would never have childr=
en, AND, at another visit, that there should be a cure in five years or so

My only consolation (about the terrible way I/was 'mishandled/treated?' as h=
is patient.....

our primary doc had agreed with my mother on an informal diagnosis of diabea=
sties, at a home visit (back when docs did HOUSE CALLS, bits and girls!!) th=
at I could stay at home thru the holidays (unless I got worse (guessing that=
meant DKA?) rather than be admitted to a hospital right before Christmas, w=
hich would have been devastating for all,  and an sppoinemt for this so call=
ed specialist was made after the holidays......(I'll get to the 'get even' p=
art now!)

At this appointment, he wanted a urine sample and brought a pretty big glass=
beaker-ish receptacle & had me step behind a screen......I recall telling h=
im that the beaker was not big enough, I could pee more than that much......=
.my comment/request was blown off (I felt dismissed, etc

Well, after I had overflowed his container, on a CARPET no less, things went=
downhill quickly, my mother was upset with the dx, I'm sure, I was embarras=
sed at the accident, and was in tears, and I recall the long drive home (sev=
eral hours, because he was the only specialist with enough English for my mo=
ther (we were living in Sai Paulo at the time) with all his 'ugly comments'
bt the seriousness of the disease, life expectancy etc to contemplate....

That was about 50 years ago & I'm certain that nasty doc is no longer alive
nd kicking to see that I am still here, despite him!!

Clinitest, second voidings, boiling syringes, sharpening needles, no BG mete=
rs, once a day injections, highs, lows daily, high fat/no carb diets....lots=
of memories that I can remember vividly from those early days/years.....

> On Nov 20, 2016, at 12:16 AM, d-d wrote (in response to Liliana):
> =20
> Congratulations!  45 years ago, a T1's life expectancy was not anywhere ne=
ar 45 years!  Happy Diaversary!
> =20
> Denise B
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