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[IPn] worthy of my support

Hello Pumpers and Friends,

A Tennessee member wrote to me with these comments that I wanted to 
share with you

I wanted to let you know how valuable Insulin Pumpers is to me. I've 
been a T1 for 39 of my 51 year... Every person has special dates is 
his or her life: a birthdate, high school/college graduation date, 
marriage anniversary, diabetes diagnosis date. I think most IPer's 
would also include the date on which they started pumping, in my case
10/3/03. A relative of mine, who'd heard about IP and thought I 
should get a pump, suggested I go to the site and learn about 
pumping. It didn't take me long to see how enthusiastic and 
passionate IPer's felt toward their pumps and toward each other. 
Every day I eagerly await the IP's digests which I read thoroughly. 
Being a rather shy and introverted person, I seldom reply to the 
digests but enjoy reading them daily. There's so much information on 
the IP site, not just about pumping, but other information re 
diabetes. When I was doing my research on which pump to get, I went 
to each manufacturer's website and spoke to respective customer 
service reps.  

Every one of the customer service reps referred me to the IP site! 
Seems like they know how valuable the site is; my decision to go with
my chosen pump was based largely on what I learned from the site and 
from fellow pumpers offering their opinions and guidance via the 
daily digests. There's always something new to learn about diabetes 
and pumping, in particular. I can't think of another organization so 
worthy of my support. I contribute a very small amount of money each 
quarter to help support IP, and I feel badly because I'm not able to 
contribute more.  

But I strongly feel that IP is one organization worthy of support 
because diabetes affects us every day and the more we can learn about
it and how to manage it better, the greater our chances of helping 
prevent complications. I would be greatly saddened if one day there 
wasn't sufficient financial support to maintain IP's existence. 
That's why I contribute . . . I want future pumpers to be able to get
the valuable information and encouragement just as I did. Every day 
there are more and more people who visit the site to learn about 
pumping. What a resource IP is to these folks. I've also found that 
if you have a question or problem relating to diabetes in general, 
there's a great chance that either IP or one of its members has had 
the same problem or question and will be able to share their answers 
or experiences with you. I've found that IPer's seem to be more 
informed about diabetes than those who are non-pumpers, at least 
that's the way I was before I started pumping. There's so much 
information and help provided by IP. I've learned more about pumping 
and diabetes management from the IP website and digests than I have 
from my endo and PCP. In my opinion one of the ways we can help 
Michael and the many IP volunteers who keep IP going strong, is to 
provide financial support, no matter how small that amount might be. 
Thanks, too, to all those many members who contribute regularly to 
help sustain this valuable organization that has helped others and me
so much. 

How valuable is Insulin Pumpers to YOU? If you would like to share 
your comments, please send them to me privately and I will post them 
with a pledge request for our Fall Pledge drive.

....speaking of which, MARYLAND has just a few dollars left on her 
challenge. You can still double the value of YOUR pledge by 
making accepting her challenge. Please help support Insulin Pumpers 
for reasons like those above or your own.

To make a matching contribution toward MARYLAND's challenge, or  to 
become a very much appreciated sustaining member:  


If you prefer to send your contribution by mail, address it to:

	Insulin Pumpers
	558 Valley Way
	Milpitas, CA 95035

My best regards
Michael Robinton
Executive Director

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website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org