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Re: [IP] (Long) Ever feel like one of the three stooges?

 I agree. In my opinion Infusiion sets atre the weak link in pumping. It doesn't
matter how
 smart the pump is, if the insulin isn't being absorbed properly there's
trouble. I just had a set
 in my hip, 90 angle, absorbtion was very erratic, fine at times at others it
seemed to take
 forever to have an effect. When I changed the set the canula was covered in
blood & the site
 bled a little. But it wasn't bleeding enough to be visible under the set. I
hate it when that
 happens. My TDD is only about 20 units a day so I've never had an occulsiion

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> <It's hard
> enough to control this crazy disease, but when your machinery causes you
> problems and your not doing anything wrong, it's extremely frustrating.>
>  And infusion sets. Most of my issues are from being on very low basals and
 > dealing with occlusions that do not show up for hours. Wishing it was easier
> get samples of the new Medtronic sets that detect such problems, but that has
> not been something I have been able to accomplish.
> It's not always food and carbs that cause high BG..........just sayin...
> Laura
> .
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