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Re: [IP] (Long) Ever feel like one of the three stooges?

Michelle, I really, really understand what you went through.  Sometimes it
is so darn frustrating to figure out what the problem is when your bg goes
high for no apparent reason.  Are you getting sick, is it a pump problem,
did you calculate wrong, etc.  I have found that if I correct twice and I
don't go down it's time to change the pump (I use the Omnipod).  It's hard
enough to control this crazy disease, but when your machinery causes you
problems and your not doing anything wrong, it's extremely frustrating.  I
always inject with a syringe before I change anything and if I come down, I
know it's the site or the pump.  Susan

On Tue, Nov 8, 2016 at 7:13 AM, Schlight Family <
email @ redacted> wrote:

> Friday evening, I changed a set/filled pump after dinner, all seemed well
> (upper arm site, sometimes those take a little longer to get started, ie:
> start insulin delivery) but amazingly, at bedtime, all was normal, BG in
> range, etc.
> Woke up at 4 am, watered dogs (& self ha ha) and remembering the new set,
> checked BG. Something close to
> 100 ( outstanding, I thought, & returned to bed)
> Two and a half hours later, I woke up to discover that same set NOW STUCK
> ON
> MY SIDE near my waist. Unattached and not delivering any insulin
> subcutaneously!  (In the bed, clothes just doesn't count for BG
> control/lowering!). BG was close to 300 or so.  Put in a new set & took a
> correction bolus for that number plus my best guesstimate of how many units
> were lost and missed (the ones that should have been in my system for the
> next
> four hours or so?!)
> Set a timer to check BG again in a half hour and started Saturday
> activities,
> feeling absolutely terrible Pushed water in attempt to push glucose out
> Within an hour, BG was near 400 & you know how nasty you feel at that
> 'elevation'
> Did a syringe correction, worrying that eventually, all that insulin might
> catch up with me & drop me terribly low, really fast.  It didn't happen
> It appears that new site, 2nd in 12 hrs? Was too close to scar tissue
> (surgery
> from over 45 yrs ago) SO I inserted YET ANOTHER set
> Yikes, besides feeling like cr,,,,,well you know, I headed out for errands
> with husband, with water bottle in tow, still pushing g fluids etc
> The damn meter was so friendly :HI. HI ,HI,and NOW, I get  a 'sensor
> failed'
> on the 3? Day old CGM!  (BTW, in this week of 'fun', , my tape on my sensor
> two days earlier had mysteriously attached to my panty elastic, & was
> pulled
> out right after insertion, so it was new!!!!   ARGH on equipment this
> week....Later, I asked Dexcom if the 'second' sensor failure could be due
> to
> unreadably high BG levels?  They denied it, but I restarted the CGM after
> getting stabilized  and it's been working ever since)
> The CGM had had the chart pegged at the top, but I was actually feeling
> slightly like I might live (just trying to keep my head above water, not
> fall
> asleep, keep checking BG, keep doing multiple bolus amts (on top of two
> monsters) with the goal of not bottoming out (BTDT with
> illness/set/pump/insulin issues) and avoiding an ER/EMT visit/intervention!
> Between the insulin to nowhere and other stuff, I figure the last few days'
> adventures cost me:
> 2 CGM sensors
> 3 pump sets & cartridge/tubing
> and close to 200 units of insulin beyond my usual dosages/usage
> to say nothing of the test/retest volume of test strips
> So glad things are now under control, and I knew there are others who will
> understand my experience(s)
> Thanks for 'listening' :)
> MichelleS
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