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[IPn] busy day

You all may wonder what happens here at Insulin Pumpers every day. 
Sometime I don't know where the time goes. Volunteer Michael (that's 
me) started working in the office at 8:30 this morning and just now 
finished up the last thing on my plate, it's 4:15. Just a sampling.

1)	shipped 7 boxes of supplies
2)	returned 2 phone calls for said supplies and answered
3)	one that came in cold.
4)	paid the IP bills for October
5)	posted a bunch of donations to the CC terminal
7)	sent a bunch of thank you notes for the donations

oh.... forgot to pay the rent when I paid the bills earlier, paid it 
just now, whew....  And yes, the landlord raised it a bit effective 
July 1, but it is still a pretty good deal (subsidized somewhat by 
their foundation).

During the week, I come in daily from about 6 until 9 after I finish 
my regular 8-5 job.

So, now it's your turn. Will you help me by sending a few dollars to 
help support the mission of Insulin Pumpers? Your monthly 
contribution of a few dollars would be very much appreciated. How 
about $10 / month. If you can't afford that $5 would be fine. More 
would be really nice. Or just a contribution for this pledge drive. 
Whatever you can afford would be appreciated.


Best regards,
Michael A. Robinton
Executive Director (chief bottle washer, trash collector, etc...)

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