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[IP] My Animas adventure

A long story that I just feel like telling.  Feel free to ignore.

These days I am principally a Snap pump user.  However, I have a lot of old
supplies for my Medtronic 522 and my Animas Ping.

So recently, I have been using the Animas.  Yesterday morning my bG was a
little high and I changed the infusion set.   Despite a good number of
correction boluses, my bG was still around 200 at lunchtime. And I hadn't
eaten breakfast.  So, I said to myself, must be a kink in the cannula.
I pulled out the cannula and it looked straight as an arrow.   I had a
spare infusion set with me, but I couldn't find it, so I switched to
injections.   (Remove the cap, take out the reservoir, take insulin into
the syringe, etc)  I did this twice, so naturally, I over corrected.

I left work early and went home (still with a high bG.)
However, at home I was crashing  (nothing bad happened.  I was just stupid
for an extended period of time)

I decide "lets put in a whole new infusion set change".  So, I assemble my
equipment and get to work.  However, one big fatal flaw.  The cap that
locks the reservoir to the pump was missing.   I searched everywhere, in
all my bags briefcases, etc.

For those who do not know, the cap is about the size of the top of your
thumb.  Made of rubber or plastic, not sure.

Anyway I phoned Animas and the fun began.  The supply lady had a very thick
accent and was difficult to understand.  She sometimes said Cartridge cap
and sometimes battery cap.  I hope I get the right one.  $17.50 (including
shipping )and 7-10 business days for delivery!  .  Should she have offered
express shipping?  I think so. Good thing I have backup pumps.  And I
already thought $17.50 was outrageous, so I didn't ask.

So today, I am fine and using my 522.

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