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[IP] Re: Dexcom over Medtronic?

 Sorry for my late response.

Yes Doug, there certainly is an integrated pump with Dexcom.  And no,
it is not in Israel....

This message board is certainly not only for those in the USA.  We
live in Canada and there are plenty of Canadians on this board.

George: so nice to see old friends still here.  I remember the red
tappets!  Claire was just a little thing of six years old when you
sent those to us in Canada.  Claire is at university now, but has had
a hard time of it, lots and lots of challenges, and surgeries.  Brain
surgery to take out a spot that was causing frequent seizures,
fortunately it worked.   Insulin is still not her friend and she is
using Regular/Humulin in her pump now, the only one that she doesn't
have weird reactions to.  But it is SO slow acting.....with the Dexcom
you can really see how long it takes to work.  A1C down to 8.0 now and
we are hoping for continued improvement, no doctor, but who needs one
anyhow  (not much help, ever).

I liked the Dexcom so much I bought stock in the company!  I wish they
would have had this technology when my daughter was a toddler.

Barbara, mum of Claire, dx'ed age 2, pumping age 6, now 20 using Animas Vibe

There is no pump on the market with Dexcom integrated
> Yet
> Integrated means that the dexcom data is displayed on the pump screen
> Animas has a meter that can send data to the pump - but no CGMS
bAnd so glad to hear from Barbara that Claire is doing well, Best of
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