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Re: [IP] Re: eating whatever and bolusing

The common theme here is feeling judged ;)  I feel judged by other
diabetics who don't understand why I am so darn carb-restrictive!
bottomline is we are all very different people, and some of us fit the mold
more so than others.

For examples, minimed sensors work really well in me.  Dexcom sensors don't
last beyond 8 days for me.  And I am a low carber.

Doesn't mean I'm stupid, or your stupid, or I'm better or you're better,
just means that we are different.

If we could free the diabetic community of judging in general we'd all be a
lot happier :)  Step 1 of doing this is realizing that what works for me
doesn't mean it'll work for someone else.  Sometimes I come across that way
too, because I am so darn excited to find a trick that works for me that I
just want to share it.  And it ends up becoming insulting unintentionally!

I didn't mean to start a flame war, nor did I mean to make you feel
judged.  I was wincing with envy, trust honest envy, not judgement.

I made an aMAzing splenda cheesecake this year that was nearly carb-less.
Works for me, would kill someone that reacts poorly to high fat content.
It was a pretty straight forward modification of Cook's Illustrated Pumpkin
Cheesecake except I double the spices, use splenda in the filling, and made
a pecan/oat flour crust because a gluten-free friend was coming to
dinner.   Now of course I have too much of it. ;)   Anyone in Oakland want
a slice? LOL...

Much love to you all,

> It works for me too. When it comes to any diabetic, its not the carbs that
> are bad, its the hight sugars levels.  It is really, really hard to get
> that through peoples (especially T2's) heads. I eat what I want and bolus
> for it and it works for me but you can bet that I get a lot of judgement
> over it.
>       Im sorry to those who are not able to do it that way and im not
> trying to brag about it, that is just the way it is. Of course there are
> times when I get a spike and I feel terrible for an hour or 3 but the A1c
> doesnt lie. Anyway, the main point that I was trying to make is that we
> need to educate people. Its simple, as long as you can keep your sugars in
> check, feel free to eat what you want. That being said, I'm sure most of
> you know,  the more insulin you take the more likely you are to store sugar
> and stored sugar = fat.
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