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[IP] Medtronic 530G and Enlite

 I received my new pump and new CGMS, had training on Enlite on the 20th and am
now on my second Enlite sensor.

 Everything seems to be going great. To me, it appears that the screen on the
pump is crisper; it also could be because I went from purple pump to a clear
one. I was able to wear my first Enlite just a few hours past 6 full days (since
it alarmed before my workday ended and I keep CGMS supplies at home). I'm a
person who reacts to adhesive and cannot keep an infusion set or Sof-Sensor in
longer than 3.5 days. I had no problems keeping the first Enlite in for 6 days;
no itching while it was in place or after I took it out. I used triple
antibiotic on the site when I took the Enlite out (just like I did with the
Sof-Sensor); now it's a small scab. My new Enlite has been going fine since I
inserted it 2 days ago.

 Insertion of the Enlite feels a lot like insertion of the infusion set I use
(Quick Set). I have been putting one piece of additional tape on the sensor
because I'm worried about it getting loose when I'm in the pool for an hour for
my aqua fitness class. I'll eventually get the courage to try class without the
additional tape. I no longer need the IV 3000 or Tegaderm. I'm currently using a
small piece of Hypafix on it.

 The first sensor was inserted in the afternoon and kept alarming and doing a
threshold suspend for the first 12 hours. Once it settled down, it seemed to be
more accurate than the Sof-Sensor was. I'm usually within 10, maybe 20 of a
fingerstick. I made sure the second sensor was inserted in the morning and it
actually began giving realistic data about 6 hours into that (unlike the
Sof-Sensor for me, which was useless for the first 12 hours). I'm not using CGM
to determine my BG at any time; as Medtronics suggests, I'm using it for trends.
It is capturing BGs and trends better than the Sof-Sensor.

 I just wanted to share my experience since YMMV. I'm very happy with my new
pump and CGMS but part of that is that I'm glad to have a pump under warranty

 Oh, and I think it is neat that the Bayer Contour Next Link meter can be used
to upload data to Carelink (so I don't have to keep searching for that USB that
I have for Carelink).

 The Enlites come in a box of 5; after insurance, I'm paying the same per box as
for the Sof-Sensors. That means that each sensor costs me a bit over $9 after
insurance. Which is the same cost as two Sof-Sensors.

Padma Bending
dx'ed 2/2001, Type 2
530G, Enlite
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