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[IP] Re: eating whatever and bolusing

 Never said I do this every day. I am not a robot, and I also do not always
react the same way at different times of day etc. but thanksgiving is one day
that traditionally full of carb laden food. So most years I do what I want and
deal with it. I can't predict it perfectly, so I bolus and test and bolus and
test. One day of higher numbers, for me, seems like no big deal.

 This year, in contrast to most, I ate a meal very light on carbs because I went
non traditional. I ate steak, creamed spinach, salad with vinaigrette, and some
hash browns. Total carbs for the meal about 30.

 I agree that I couldn't all the time eat whatever I want and just bolus. I love
bagels, but my goodness they have a lot of crabs! So I rarely eat them or I eat
half now and then, but I am human, and sometimes I want a big old bagel with
salmon. So I deal with it with boluses the best I can. I usually go high for a
while. Same for various other foods.

Stacey M

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> On Nov 28, 2013, at 14:09, Susan Fong <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I wish all of us were that lucky!   The amount of carbs I can eat/cover
> with insulin, and return to a normal number in 2-3 hrs time is different
> for me at different times of the day.  It's about 15g breakie, 30g lunch,
> 45g dinner.   My basals and ratios are rock solid.
> So I definitely fall into a different category of diabetic.  My category is
> NOT to eat whatever I want and cover it with insulin (if I take more to
> avoid the post meal spike, then I crash at 2-3hrs, and yes, I've tried
> superbolusing w/ a temp basal of 0 too).  Once I stopped thinking that way,
> my a1c dropped a full point.  Bottomline, I can't get a good a1c without
> limiting carbs to some extent.
> Your mileage may vary.  I totally have a type I friend who can eat WHATEVER
> she wants and maintains a 6.5 a1c.  I stare at her fluffy pancakes with
> envy and eat my eggs ;)
> All of that being said, on a day like today, yes, I usually do let myself
> go a little high.  The tricky bit is not getting low when you are so
> stuffed of food that you can't imagine jamming more in lol.
> s
>> <I eat what I want I and bolus a lot.>> works for me!
>> I recently said something to that effect and a T-2, very overweight - 2
>> heart attacks and open-heart surgeries commented, "Jan, you are not supposed
>> to think like that. You don't eat what you want and take insulin to cover
>> it."
>> I said, "Oh, yes, you do. The purpose is to have a normal BG and that is how
>> you do it - count the carbs with your insulin ratio."  I also told her how
>> they have a class of children to study the c/i ratio, then take them out for
>> banana splits and bolus for it. ;-) She eats what she wants and does not
>> inject for the carbs, but complains of often being 400 because "those
>> muffins really raise my BG."
>> IOTW: carbs in, insulin in.
>> Jan & Muskers- T-1, 11/5/50, pumping 8/23/83, Dialyzing
> 7/8/02http://tinyurl.com/BooksByJan http://tinyurl.com/evolutionofpumps
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