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[IP] RE Eating whatever I want

>I wish all of us were that lucky! The amount of carbs I can eat/cover 
>with insulin, and return to a normal number in 2-3 hrs time is different 
>for me at different times of the day. It's about 15g breakie, 30g lunch, 
>45g dinner. My basals and ratios are rock solid. 

 I couldn't agree more. Being diabetic for me is much more that following a
formula of x amount of insulin for y amount of carbs. There are so many more
variables that affect the behavior of insulin action for myself. TIme of day is
one as I am more resistant early in the day. Weather conditions (I use less
insulin in warm weather), total amount of carbs consumed (I am more insulin
resistant as the amount of carbs increases), fat and protein content (causes
slower digestion, thus smaller spike and less resulting insulin resistance),
possible virus or bacterial infections (requires more insulin to overcome the
body fighting disease) are factors. Even exercise requires careful adjustments.
Aerobic exercises reduces blood glucose, but if I really push myself, a liver
dump results and the blood sugar rises several hours after finishing exercise.

 We do the best we can following scientific formulas for insulin dosing, but
knowing how your body reacts is as much an art to treating diabetes as it is a
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