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Re: [IP] Dexcom 7+ - G4

 Unfortunately, I can't take NSAIDs like naproxen, aspirin or ibuprofen because
of some other meds/issues. And, unfortunately, prior to not being able to take
them, only aspirin was helpful -especially in excedrin which has Tylenol,
aspirin and caffeine.

 A couple of weeks ago, my headaches kicked in again, and I've been taking two
to four Tylenol a day.


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On Nov 30, 2012, at 15:27, "Trish Ober" <email @ redacted> wrote:

 > There were post about a week ago about not taking tylenol, etc. when using
 > Dex. The book does say that numbers will not be accurate, etc. when using any
> of these meds.  I know a few people said they just ignore the numbers during
 > this time. I did take tylenol once when I was using the Dex - and in a couple
> hours my meter got the ??? and a little later I got an error code that it had
> died.  I had only been a day or two into a new sensor.  I called Dex help and
> when I was talking to the person and told them I had taken one tylenol and
> from what I read in the book I was aware that I might just have "incorrect
> readings" for a few hours while the meds were in my system.  She stated that
> taking the tylenol was more than likely the reason my Dex sensor just quit.
> Anyway - I then went to Walmart and told the pharmacist what meds couldn't be
> used with the Dex and she pointed me to "naproxen".  I bought the Equate
> (store) brand of it - but there are more choices.  I  have used it as needed
> for  headaches or other aches - and the medocine takes care of the problem
> with no effect at all on the Dex.
 > So don't let the fact that you have headaches, pains, etc. keep you from
> the Dex CGMS.  There are other meds that do work as well - without the effect
> on the Dex.
> Trish
> .
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