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Re: [IP] repeat topic, logging set changes, etc

I use Google calendar for the same info. I can access it on line for years
worth of history and access it on my Motorola Xoom for the past three
months I think and for all future spots, set changes etc. It works great
for me. I used to use a day runner but this works well for me. I check it
daily when I check my email.

On Nov 30, 2012 4:51 PM, "MMS" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I know this has come up before and I know I read along with comments, etc,
> but I am hoping that there is an easy and functional table or program (for
> a SmarterThanMe phone that might be available now (things come along all
> the time)
> I currently use a wall calendar to mark things like CGM, set, tubing, new
> bottle/end bottle (insulin) and a few other things that having them visible
> (how long ago, how long to the next....) helps me plan things like taking
> supplies on a longer day trip, or changing a set a half day early or
> something similar to avoid having to change a set on a 2 day trip, etc.
> I know that the history on the pump has info,
> and that you can set reminders,
> but these 'features' just donb t' help me enough (not easy enough, not
> visible enough, not flexible enough?)
> BTW, I LOVE my huge boxed wall calendar, it allows me to see so many
> things at a glance, from doctor appts, med ordering schedules and dog
> medications (for two households, four people and five canines) as well as
> granddaughter's plans/plays/games.
> BUT, if/when I travel, keeping track of these diabetes-care related thigns
> becomes lost in the excitement and disruption of the 'usual'
> thanks for any ideas anyone can share
> MichelleS .
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