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Re: [IP] The Jounery to a new pump Accu-Chek Combo

Pumpers and Friends,
   Well I have been using new Combo pump for little over a week now.
As many of the old timer know, I think you need to be a smart pumper,
a smart pump was not something I had to have.   We have been careful
with setup, as I was in Hospital with infection  for a week. When my
stomach shut down and over 2 weeks had 7 seizures from blood sugars
under 30 when I was sleeping. Food just not moving in the GI. Right
now I'm learning that my old brain still is better than smart pump,
but its because I still need to get all the setting set right. Biggest
problem is setting up pump to when my stomach is not working right...
as of now I will need 2 profiles just for GI problem. The normal
profile works great on good GI days.. Start at a number (100) and
blood sugars stay with in 30 points thru out the day. But I have had
to reset base numbers every other day to get it. I had two great days
Wed-Thur with great numbers.

I have been keeping a note book record of what I would give myself vs
what meter/ pump wants to give. Once I have the setup right number are
close. Its all because of my GI problems... how do you program in a
"feeling" so I just make changes to what number I have been given. I'm
lucky that my support team, understand my needs and knows I have been
trained right. So I send e-mail with changes and why. My Endo even
send me a email back with what to do on thanksgiving day.

The biggest problem I am having is the meter itself...how to carry it.
I need a better case, smaller one that can go on my belt. I still use
my palm with Carb program on it.

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