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Re: [IP] The Jounery to a new pump Accu-Chek Combo

Pumpers and Friends,

Thank you, I'm that the way I am about anything I buy. What do I want
or need it to do. Over 32 yrs of using a pump. I know now to be sure
it does what I want and need, not what someone else thinks I need. So
I ask my doctor what she thinks I need .. CDE's and reps. I laugh when
me and doctor talked about it. "What do you need or want Rodney?"  me
a pump that deliver insulin at a control rates over time.  Very few of
the other ask me that, just told me it can do this and that. Many
years ago a back light on a pump was the BIG THING, no it was not
something I needed. I have a penlight I got at dollar store been using
that for years. Or when color of a pump was big deal.. I just want it
to work giving me insulin. Each person has their own needs and wants,
you pick what is best for you... not what someone else tells you. I go
in with my list of wants and needs when ask them can you help me pick
the one that meets them or talk over and help me understand why I need
this to be on my list. If you have good people to help you understand
things and listen to you and you to them.

I remember being in hospital and they put this guy in my room so he
could understand going on pump. After a day I knew he would not make
it as a pumper. They train him got him on a pump put 6 weeks later he
was off of it. Back on shot and is still today. Not everyone will be a
pumper... there are 3 friends that have a pump but most of the time
they do not use because how it "looks: on their body. to each his or
her own I guess.

So I always ask someone what do you need or want pump to do.

On Wed, Nov 21, 2012 at 3:03 PM, Urb Anism <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Good rules for picking a pump, should I ever get to pick one.  I especially
> appreciate Rule 4. IP Is a good place to research that one, if one doesn't
> have personal experience ( only one company the whole time!)
> Thank you!
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