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RE: [IP] blood

Hi Susan,
I emailed my Endo on this after it was discussed here.  He also didn't
support "blood thickness" and higher BGs.

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Awhile back someone wrote about the thickness of our blood and how it
relates to your blood glucose level.  It was stated that the thicker the
blood, the more glucose there was in it and the higher your numbers would
be.  So, I made a point of observing my blood thickness and how it related
to my numbers and I personally could not see how they related.

Yesterday, I went for my quarterly blood test and I asked the tech about
this.  He said the thickness of your blood has less to do with your glucose
level than it has to do with how hydrated you are.  Even if your levels are
higher and you're well hydrated, your blood will not be as thick.  I do
understand that excess glucose does make your blood thicker, but the tech
says it has more to do with hydration.

Just thought I'd pass this along.  Susan .
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