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RE: [IP] fistula/shunt

Marie Ricca
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> Can anyone on IP in the Queens/NYC area suggest a Doctor to
> insert a fistula and not a shunt.  My veins are pretty small and I
> understand that I would have a better chance with a fistula than
> a shunt. Please any advice regarding diet/dialysis will be very
> welcome.
> Thank you all,
> Marie Ricca
> D age 5 for 51 yrs Animas Ping +Dex 7


I am from Notre Dame country (northern Indiana) so cannot advise you re: a
cardiac surgeon, but I believe your Nephrologist is the one to determine
your choices. If you do not have a nephrologist, GET ONE! ;-)  I also
believe you may be referring to a catheter in your chest instead of a shunt?
I hear that peroteneal dialysis results in infections and they have to do
what I'm doing anyway.

I went in for a fistula on 10/23/01 and my veins were not good enough,
therefore the surgeon inserted a Gortex Loop in my left forearm. That was to
last 5 years, but it lasted 10 years! PTL!  On 1/5/12 I got a catheter in my
chest so they could then put a fistula in my upper left arm when they closed
down the loop. Evidently my vein/artery developed enough to now be good.

<I had T-1 51 years before I started hemodialysis. I was dx'd 11/5/50 and
<have had a pump since 8/23/83.

 <As far as diet, please quit drinking any dark colas (Coke, Pepsi, Diet Rite) I
stopped long time ago before I found out about the kidneys (2004)
<as they are high in phosphorous and your kidneys cannot process it. Root
<Beer, Ginger Ale, 7-Up, Iced Tea, Coffee, etc. are okay (sugar free). Also,
<since your kidneys are not functioning correctly, you are retaining toxins
(potassium, etc.) so make sure your labs are staying in the correct range. I
have an exhaustive list of values of potassium if you'd like me to forward
 it to you. Too much/too little pot'm cause a heart attack or arrest - either I
better treat myself to a banana, mangoes or some prunes :)
one causing death.

 <Are you on EPO injections and iron? If not, why not? Also, if a Type 1 Yes
injections Procrit once a month and 1 iron tablet a day. Type 1
 <starts dialysis at 12% function instead of the usual 10%, your quality of How
do I really know what percentage I'm down to? My neph says it goes

by weight. I weigh about 120lbs without shoes and dry.

<life is much improved. Since I started hemodialysis in July, 2002, I have:
<1. Co-chaired a Toastmasters conference that covered all of Indiana and 1/3
<of Kentucky. When I say co-chaired, I mean my hugsband was the other half so
<you know who did the most work (wink, wink).
<2. Written and published 2 books plus 3 others unpublished.
<3. Traveled to Memphis, Boston, Phoenix, and other spots a tad closer.
<4. Buried my son who was a healthy 43 y/o until esophageal cancer struck him
<down '05.
<5. I have had featured articles in the newspaper and been on TV and radio
<6. Emcee'd my 55th high school class reunion (400+ graduates): 100 attendees

<When driving as to Indianapolis (150 mi), Battle Creek (100 mi), Ft. Wayne
< (80 mi), Chicago (100 mi), Toledo, Illinois (275 mi), Memphis (about 1200 mi
<total there) all one direction so double the distance back to home, I did
<of the driving.

 Wow. The furthest I've ever driven was from NY to Florida and my son did most
of the driving. (He would not let me drive, he was having too much fun)

 <I questioned the *cocktail* of 3 diff BP meds my neph put me on, but after
treating with him it was 8 more years before I started dialysis after losing
<5% each 6 mos. over 1.5 years. My life isn't over until it is over. Keep us
<apprised as to how you are doing.

 I feel fine, always a bit slow. Very little appetite, but not losing
weight...go figure.

 Right now I'm on furosemide, lisinopril, amlodipine, plavix, aspirin,
metoprolol, levotyroxin (thyroid), phenobarbitol and depakene (epilepsy)
seizure-free for over 15-20yrs

Jan & Muskers- T-1, 11/5/50, pumping 8/23/83, Dialyzing 7/8/02
http://tinyurl.com/JansBooks  http://tinyurl.com/evolutionofpumps
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