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[IPn] 3 days, 2 challenges

Greetings Pumpers and Friends,

A big THANK YOU to the generous donors that helped to match the TEXAS 
challenge over this holiday weekend. Your support of Insulin Pumpers 
is very much appreciated.

We have 3 days left in November (including today) with $1,100 
available from 2 challengers to help match your contribution and to 
reach our pledge goal by the end of the month.

Why should you contribute? A member from the UK wrote yesterday:
Michael, the last couple of days I've been having weird bg readings - 

high and unresponsive to all the usual things - site and set change, 
new insulin vial, drinking loads of water, testing and testing, 
eating minimally on low carb etc.  My eyesight was fogged as was my 
brain - inevitably from high bgs - so I asked the UK list for any 
other suggestions.  

As ever, they came to bat and helped me sort out levels and although 
now I have a recurring infection, at least I'm starting from a point 
where I can take steps to manage it.  

Even after nearly a decade of pumping, having this support, 
information and understanding on the list is invaluable.  
It is one of the reasons I am happy to contribute a small amount 
regularly for the support drive.   I regard it as insurance for me 
and others less able to contribute but so the help, information and 
support is still there if needed.  If only others could do this too 
it would take the financial pressure off having to raise funds all 
the time to maintain this valuable link.  

Thanks, Michael, for all you do behind the scenes and all the many
volunteers who help.

Best wishes

P.S. the posting re all that IP does was excellent.  Informative and 
even after all these years on the list I learned something new.  

You can make your pledge dollars go twice as far....

A member from IDAHO has offered to match your contributions dollar 
for dollar up to $500. Take advantage of this offer to double the 
value of your gift to Insulin Pumpers or become a sustaining donor by 



IP accepts all major credit cards and PayPal

If you would prefer to make your contribution in the form of a check,
mail it to:

Insulin Pumpers
558 Valley Way
Milpitas, CA 95035

My best regards
Michael Robinton
Executive Director
For mail list removal write
website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org