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Re: [IP] Artificial Pancreas

never put your life in safety of a machine ie  artificial  pancrease, 
type 1 diagnosed age 10, in 1975, NPH and R until 1996, N and  
 NOVOLOG/HUMALOG until 2002,Lantus and NOVOLOG/HUMALOG until 2011, pumping since
Minimed medtronic paradigm Revel, one touch ultra link..  

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email @ redacted writes:

Leigh,  if you cure Type 1, you've only scratched the surface. Only 5- to  
percent of people with diabetes have Type 1. I doubt that Type 2 will  ever
be cured. There are too many gene variations and varieties of Type 2.  I
suspect that most of those billions of dollars come from Type 2s. Our  meds
aren't inexpensive, plus many of us use insulin and pump  it.

Jan and Elvis

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imagine if there was a cure how many BILLIONS of dollars who  be lost to our
having this disease

Leigh Blackistone  
email @ redacted 
404 . 644 . 4737 

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Hi All, 

The CNN  article doesn't provide any new detail about an Artificial 

It  seems to be just another critic piece about the FDA and their non 
approval  of the Medtronic Veo in the US. Since no other FDA equivalent  
internationally is releasing (or close to releasing) anything this doesn't  
seem to be "news" ...  
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