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Re: [IP] Artificial Pancreas

Hi all (and Janette)

 Agreed ! I think there is some opportunistic self-praise in calling the VEO
pump an "artificial pancreas". I've been using one in the last few months and am
very happy with the fact that it stops injection insulin when I reach a
pre-determined level (in my case, 60 mg/dl. It's very convenient in case night
lows (and heavy sleep : the VEO is as sound-inefficient as the former Paradigm
pumps are, and so is the green-grey screen).
 It's a nice device indeed. But the main problem remains that the present sensor
devices are measuring the BG one had between 10 to 20 minutes ago. That means
that if your BG is falling sharply (for whatever reason), the VEO will stop
delivering insulin for two hours when you're lower than the pre-determined
level. Then you'll have to wait for your IOB (Insulin On Board) to stop lowering
your BG (that means, in my case, at least 2 hours more) I could have it stop
when 80 mg/dl, but that would mean a big high BG three hours later, in case I
did not hear the alarm

 I'll bet my pancreas did much better than that when it was functional. And I
did not have to tell it how much insulin it should put in my blood, nor did I
have to tell it what I was about to eat.

So the VEO is a better pump indeed. But not an artificial pancreas by very far.
 I think there is a lot of communication teams working on this, trying to
convince the public opinion that the FDA should be suppressed or at least less
powerful. But I do not trust the vendors when they're talking me into the very
nice products they try to sell me. I want them to be "regulated" ! And maybe
Medtronic should get more people involved in their pumps screen and sound
improvement -as well as hacking protection and some other software flaws ? It's
a good pump anyway, mind you ! Could be better, very simply. And it does not not
to be called an artificial pancreas for lobbying purposes.

Jean Debefve
Belgium VEO user with Enlite sensors
Waiting for further improvements...

Le 27 nov. 2011 ` 00:27, Janette Dunn a icrit :

> Hi All,
> The CNN article doesn't provide any new detail about an Artificial Pancreas.
> It seems to be just another critic piece about the FDA and their non
> approval of the Medtronic Veo in the US.  Since no other FDA equivalent
> internationally is releasing (or close to releasing) anything this doesn't
> seem to be "news" ...
> The most successful artificial Pancreas reported this year seems to be the
> Trial in Europe involving 400 People that Medtronic is closing down.
> Reported in Diabetes Health in Feb 2011. "A Miracle Technology for Type 1s :
> Can it be saved".  Whilst it still needs work, from my reading this looks
> better than a Pump.  Ok so you still need to test BGs, but still an
> improvement. Lantus was approved and it didn't cure T1.  I guess it depends
> how much money can be made from the product  .....
> Warm Regards,
> Janette
> T1 42 Years
> Pumping 10 Years
> Still looking for something better .....
> .
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