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FW: [IP] Artificial Pancreas

Hi All,

The CNN article doesn't provide any new detail about an Artificial Pancreas.
It seems to be just another "critic piece" about the FDA and their non
approval of the Medtronic Veo in the US.  Since no other FDA equivalent
internationally is releasing (or close to releasing) an artificial pancreas
this doesn't seem to be "news" ...

The most successful artificial Pancreas reported this year seems to be the
Trial in Europe involving 400 People that Medtronic is closing down.
Reported in Diabetes Health in Feb 2011. "A Miracle Technology for Type 1s :
Can it be saved ?".  Whilst it still needs work, from my reading this looks
better than a Pump.  OK so you still need to test BGs, but it uses a much
faster insulin absorbed quickly with less hypos  .. still an improvement.
Lantus was approved and it didn't cure T1.  I guess it depends how much
money can be made from the product  .....

Warm Regards,

T1 42 Years
Pumping 10 Years
Still looking for something better .....
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