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Re: [IP] A1c (was Happiness is a good A1c)/CGM

A Continuous Glucose Monitor.  The "DEX" that you asked about in your other
message is a Dexcom, one of the two CGMs currently available (the other being
the MMM integrated CGM with the X22 and X23 pumps, or on its own -- which I
believe is called the "Guardian" -- am I right?).  There was a third CGM, the
Abbott Navigator, that is no longer available in the US, though I think it may
still be available outside the US - for how long, I'm not certain.  Those who
have used it say that it is the most accurate of the three.  I've only used
the Dexcom -- I have the Seven-Plus, and after using it full-time since
September 2010, I can't even comprehend my life and my reality without it now.
My insurance covers the Dexcom and the sensors at 90 percent coverage, and
when my year was up, I got a new one, paid at 90 percent, with little to no
effort on my part (Dexcom and my endo handled it all; I had it in my hands
about three days after I first spoke to the Dexcom rep about it being a full
year).  I have Aetna, which is not as forthcoming on replacing pumps even if
out of warranty, if they're still functioning, but I've spoken to Animas often
in the last couple of months preparing for my warranty expiration (December
28), and they claim that the small issues that I'm having will likely be more
than I need to warrant Aetna paying for a new pump.  I've added additional
money into my FSA account for 2012, since I think that the first $500 (my ins
deductible) will require me to pay out of pocket, in addition to whatever
co-pay I might have on the total cost.  But Animas has assured me that my
issues with the batteries as well as it "resetting to 01/01/2007 every time I
CHANGE the battery - something it only started doing in the last couple of
months - will be probably be adequate reason for Aetna to cover a new pump.
My current pump is only two years old; I upgraded to the Ping in 2009, in
December, keeping my warranty for my 2020, so I'm planning on getting another
Ping, as I've had good success with Animas and have used their pumps for the
last almost-nine years (the IR1000, IR1200, IR1200-Plus, 2020 and the Ping).
I'm actually glad that the Vibe is not yet available here, as I don't like
what I've heard thus far about the Dexcom transmitter "shutting down" at six
months.  I have no problem using two separate devices and I can always upgrade
to the Vibe if the transmitter deficiency (that I heard about here) is
corrected.  Now - not so interested.


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