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RE: [IP] Re:question for Cozmo users - patch pump

 Using your definition of on the market there are DOZENS of products that have
been "approved"
But yet no one can buy them.
 What matters to me is NOT the marketing prowess of some known or unknown

What matters is what is actually available to buy and use.   

 After all if we were to believe marketing we would have all been "cured in five
years" for the past 25 years..

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> The reality is that Omnipod is the only patch pump on the market. 
  Ummm...not quite true. An Israeli company callled Medingo has developed the
"Solo" pump that has been announced and accepted by the FDA. Here is a link to
their site: http://www.solo4you.com/.

  I don't believe it's being sold yet, but they are aggressively marketing it.
looks interesting. It is always good to have choices.


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