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[IP] Re:question for Cozmo users

Look at Omnipod. Everything a Cosmo does (minus unnecessay hypo  
manager) plus a lot more. If you've never used aautoinserting painfree  
tubless pump you have no idea what you are missing and how easy  
pumping can be. Easily takes 1/4 the the time to use than any other  
pump. One thing I regularly notice on this list is people get Omnipod,  
say they love it and we never hear from them again. Could it be they  
just don't have issues? To the best of my knowledge 12 companies  
(including MM) are working on "patch pumps".  12 companies aren't  
working on older technology pumps. Form your own conclusions  Andy

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> From: email @ redacted
> [mailto:email @ redacted] On Behalf Of Julie Murphy
> Sent: Friday, November 27, 2009 9:50 PM
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] question for Cozmo users
> I actually have another year and a half left on my warranty, but  
> since I
> noticed this offer from Accu-check I have been looking into pumps a
> little,
> and I really don't think I want to wait until the last minute anyway.
> Is
> there anyone on the list who has/had a Cozmo that has already switched
> to or
> chosen another pump?  I really love the Cozmoe so I'm wondering if  
> there
> is
> another one out there that is more like it than the others.  It seems
> like
> every time I find one that has a feature my Cozmo has, there's  
> something
> missing that I really want.  I especially love the freestyle meter  
> that
> communicates with the pump, and I don't have to carry around a meter
> anymore.  And I love how customizable it is, and I love the meals
> feature,
> and I really want one that is watertight... the list goes on and on.
> Anyway
> I would love to hear from you, on list or off.  Thanks!
> - --
> Julie Murphy
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