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Re: [IP] Re: The Statin Question

I'm eagerly following this conversation.   

 I had been on Lipitor for years, but for some reason in the last year it
started having side effects that I didn't care for. My endo switched me to
Simvastatin and things seem OK, but this thread has me wondering whether the
assumptions the statins are prescribed under are valid.

My current lipd levels are:

186 cholesterol
95 Trigylcerides
HDL 41
LDL 126

 My my endo doesn't like these results much, so my 20mg simvastatin was doubled
to 40mg to try and bring things down a bit more. I'm starting to get annoyed
with the constantly lowering bar for what good cholesterol numbers are, diabetic
or not.


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----- "Ricardo" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Statins interfere with the body's ability to produce Co-enzyme Q10
> which helps
> fight inflammation, so many recommend Co-Q10 supplements if you are
> on
> statins.

I feel compelled to chime in on this conversation, although my arguments won't
 be as scholarly as Ricardo's. My young heart doc prescribed Lipitor for me -
called it into my pharmacy without my consent. My cholesterol levels are more
than good - my PCP says he wishes his numbers were as good as mine.

When I questioned my heart doc (I have underwear older than her) why she did
this, she said that studies show that statins are good for diabetics, even
though their cholesterol levels are normal or good.

When I responded that all those studies were done with type 2 diabetics, she
seemed surprised, but reluctantly agreed to me disagreeing with her advice. One
of the main things that convinced me I didn't want to take Lipitor was the
depletion of CoQ10 that Ricardo mentioned.

I simply will not obey orders from docs obediently - they can advise, but only
I make the decisions.


dx'd 1985 age 31
MM 522 since Aug 2007
CGMS since Dec 2007
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