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Re: [IP] Re: The Statin Question

Hi Laura,
There is a book that I've been reading. It's called
"Lipitor Thief of Memory - Statin Drugs and the Misguided War on 
By Duane Graveline, MD.


One of the important things he mentions is the dose. You have to make 
sure the dose is the absolutely smallest possible to work for you. It's 
when doctors prescribe a huge dose without considering the patient's 
details that problems occur.

It's very technical but very good.  I have a friend who is about 75 and 
he was put on statins. He seems to have gone from a perfectly normal 
person to la la land in about a year(?)
As you get older you *need* your cholesterol to be higher. It's 
protective. Your brain needs cholesterol to function. The cholesterol 
scare is just a myth perpetrated by the big pharma companies.


Paul/Victoria Clark wrote:
> Laura Shapiro wrote:
> My endo sent me home with a statin prescription.
>  My Tryglycerides are fine, cholesterol is fine, only the LDL is a problem
> (it's
> at 116, usually 106).....
> No one ever suggested more exercise or diet modifications, and I would
> surely
> like to see if that brings things down first.
> I surely am afraid of the side effects of the statins.
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