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RE: [IP] question for Cozmo users

I made the switch to Minimed in April because I had already been through
11 Cozmo pumps in 1 1/2 years.  I really lost faith in them and was
concerned about warranty issues.

I chose MM because of the 300 unit reservoir.  I miss a few feature of
my Cozmo but am very pleased that I've had a reliable pump now for 8
months.  I recently started on the CGMS and that, for me, makes the
features I miss from the Cozmo a non-issue

I use a lot of insulin (90 units TDD) and was concerned about the fast
bolus on Animas and also the smaller reservoir.  I do wish MM had that
color screen.  Watertight is not an issue for me since I go low at the
pool all the time anyway.  But I wish I could get the disconnect feature
of the Cozmo back.

I viewed it that I was going to have to switch pumps anyway so I might
as well "test out" another company without getting insurance involved
figuring if I wasn't happy then I would review my choices again when my
warranty was actually up.

So far, I'm staying with MM.  

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I actually have another year and a half left on my warranty, but since I
noticed this offer from Accu-check I have been looking into pumps a
and I really don't think I want to wait until the last minute anyway.
there anyone on the list who has/had a Cozmo that has already switched
to or
chosen another pump?  I really love the Cozmoe so I'm wondering if there
another one out there that is more like it than the others.  It seems
every time I find one that has a feature my Cozmo has, there's something
missing that I really want.  I especially love the freestyle meter that
communicates with the pump, and I don't have to carry around a meter
anymore.  And I love how customizable it is, and I love the meals
and I really want one that is watertight... the list goes on and on.
I would love to hear from you, on list or off.  Thanks!

Julie Murphy
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