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RE: [IP] Re: My latest set experience

Linda Hatch wrote>>>

What cannula length do you use for your Quick Set (6mm or 9mm)?

You wrote>>>>>
This has got to be the funniest experience I have ever had.
.......The whole day plus the next I had very low blood glucose and couldn't
figure out why.  Today I took the set out and the cannula rather than being
directly inserted was almost bent sideways.

Although we're all different, I've progressed similar to you - 506,508,722.
I've used the silhouette exclusively for my 14 years on the MM pumps.  The
angled insertion puts me about 100 units per day 45-50 basil and the rest is
bolus, depending on carbs.  
Possibly thru MM or your endo office, you could try the silhouette or the
shorter Quick set and see what happens.  Although the cannula looks to be
over 20 mm, it only inserts to maybe 6mm, at most.  There would be a lot of
plusses to use less insulin.  An experiment may be a good thing to try.
Good luck,
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