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Re: [IP] Lithium battery in the cozmo

On 11/30/06, Mike Shamel <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > Has anyone else seen this with lithium batteries?
> >
> Hi Rick, No I do not use Lithium's in my pump.  But this is predictable
> behavior.  The discharge curve for alkaline batteries produces a slow and
> predictable voltage curve,  So the pump manufactures set the alarm for a
> known voltage where a predictable amount of battery life is still left
> (mhA).  The rechargeables (both Lithium and NiCD) have an abrupt drop-off
> voltage curve at the end of their discharge cycle.  One of the reasons
> they
> are not recommended.  By the time the alarm goes off you may only have
> moments instead of hours of battery life remaining.  Not a problem if you
> always carry a spare.
> Mike

I believe you should say "that is why they are not recommended for use in a
Cozmo".  I've used Lithium (non-rechargable) in my Animas pump and get a
very predictable amount of battery life once the meter drops off the top
scale.  It will go at least another 10 days, but I have a tendency to go
ahead and change it the next chance I get, say when I change cartridges.
The Lithium AAs last me a little over three months.

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