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Re: [IP] Observations after 12 days with Minimed 722

> D)  My sugars have been more stable.
> E)  Correction Boluses have been significantly smaller and more effective.
> F)  Meal Boluses have been a tad smaller and more effective.

Since the modern pumps deliver in smaller "slices" than the older
pumps, it would be natural to see the above happening.  For example,
when I went from an Animas IR1000 to an IR1250, my A1c went down.  The
IR1000 delivered at .1 and the IR1250 delivers at .05

> L)  Not that anything has happened or that I expect it to, but Luer lock
> connectors are definitely tighter and more secure than Paradigm connectors.

Maybe you prime amount difference can be attributed to the connectors
too?  I haven't seen a Paradigm but wondering if that might be some of
the extra.
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